Game of Thrones 7 Premieres This Sunday!

July 13, 2017 Category: Pop Culture

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Game of Thrones Premieres This Sunday! Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Catch Up.

So for months now you’ve been telling yourself that you’re going to re-watch all the episodes of season 6 in preparation for season 7. Well, I’m sorry to say that like me, you’ve pretty much run out of time. Game of Thrones is back this Sunday. But don’t be sad… Game of Thrones is back! OMG GAME OF THRONES IS BACK!!!!

So let’s get you all caught up and ready for the action that is sure to be crammed into this entire season. Here are some important plot points from the last season to get you caught up.


  • We find out why Melisandre, the Red Woman, constantly wears that necklace. She is actually really old. We’re not trying to bodyshame anyone but wow. That’s really hard to look at.
  • Brienne and Pod save Sansa and Theon from Ramsay’s men.
  • In Dorne, Ellaria kills Prince Doran for being a weak leader, while in King’s Landing, one of her daughter’s (a “Sandsnake”) does the same to Doran’s son, Trystane.
  • Daenerys is swept up by a khalasar (the horse-guys that used to be led by Khal Drogo), and is placed in a temple to live her life out as a widowed khaleesi (wife of a khal).
  • Arya is a blind beggar on the streets of Braavos. Boourns.
  • Jon Snow is still dead.


  • Jon Snow’s alive! Thanks, Melisandre. You sort of kind of redeemed yourself. Maybe.
  • Tyrion frees Daenarys’ dragons.
  • Ramsay kills his father, his step-mother Walda, and their newborn son to ensure that he is the only heir to the Bolton house. Oh, so I guess you’re still doing that whole evil incarnate thing eh?
  • Euron Greyjoy is looking to lead the Iron Islands so comes home and throws his bro Balon off a bridge.


  • Bran uses his time-travelling-in-the-mind abilities to witness Part 1 of his dad Ned’s arrival at the tower where a pregnant Lyanna Stark was being kept by Rhaegar Targaryen, who’d stolen her away from Robert Baratheon during Robert’s rebellion many moons ago.
  • Arya gets her sight back!
  • Jon oversees the deaths of those who killed him and quits the band. HIS WATCH IS OVER BROS. Mic drop.
  • The High Sparrow announces that Cersei must stand trial for her moral crimes.
  • Rickon and Osha are back! (YAY!) Back into the hands of Ramsay Bolton (NO!).


  • Jon and Sansa reunite, and get news that Ramsay has Rickon.
  • Daenerys lights her captivity temple on fire and saunters out naked a la season 1, while Daario and Jorah arrive to “save” her.
  • The High Sparrow has Margaery and Loras Tyrell in prison.
  • Ramsay kills Osha.


  • It’s revealed that the white walkers were created by the Children of the Forest to protect themselves from humans. GOOD JOB GUYS GREAT MOVE NO PROBLEM.
  • While Bran is inside another vision, the Night King tracks him down IRL, and while Hodor is trying to “Hold the door!” in the present, Bran watches a young Hodor seizure, yelling “Hold the door” over and over until it eventually transforms into “Hodor” which is the only word he will say for the rest of his life. And that’s when we all cry uncontrollably.
  • Oh ya, and—cherry on top—Summer (Bran’s direwolf) dies too.
  • Euron pushes Yara out of the way to rule the Iron Islands, but she and Theon sneak off while he’s sealing the deal and steal all the ships.
  • Daenerys learns of Jorah’s greyscale and tells him to go find a cure.
  • A second red priestess in Meereen tells Varys and Tyrion that Daenerys is the prophecied one that was promised. They tell her to spread the news.


  • Uncle Benjen aka Coldhands aka Half-Zombie Dude shows up to save Meera and Bran.
  • Sam brings Gilly and the baby to his home, where his dad is mean to them so Sam steals the family sword and gets out of there.
  • Arya doesn’t kill who she’s supposed to so Jaqen H’ghar sends the waif girl after her.
  • Margaery brings Tommen into the faith, making the High Sparrow pretty much King.
  • Jamie is stripped of his Kingsguard post and banished from the city.


  • The Hound is living in a religious commune that immediately gets slaughtered by thieves.
  • Margaery slips her grandma a note indicating she’s not as into the High Sparrow as she seems.
  • Sansa sends a note asking for help to the Vale, worried that House Stark doesn’t have the power it needs to win the battle over the Boltons.
  • Jaime and Bronn arrive at Riverrun, which is being taken over by the Freys.


  • Arya kills the waif (YAY!) and then tells Jaqen that she’s going home (YAY!).
  • The Hound meets up with the Brotherhood Without Banners, and Beric Dondarrion tries to recruit him.
  • Tommen says no more trial by combat, essentially leaving his mother helpless in the trial.
  • Brienne runs into Jaime at Riverrun, where she’s trying to recruit the Tullys (Catelyn Stark’s original House) to Jon’s cause.
  • Catelyn’s brother Edmure surrenders the house to the Frey/Lannister armies, and Brynden “the Blackfish” Tully dies in the fight.
  • Daenerys returns to Meereen on a dragon to find the masters attacking the city.


  • Daenerys and her dragons make short work of the masters’ forces.
  • She makes an alliance with Yara, giving her the Iron Islands in the future in exchange for her Iron navy.
  • Huge battle between Ramsay’s team and Jon’s team, with Rickon being the bait.
  • Littlefinger’s Vale team saves the day, and they all retake Winterfell (YAY!).
  • Sansa lets Ramsay’s dogs eat him to death (gross, but YAY!)


  • Cersei  and Maester Qyburn use wildfire to blow up the entire Sept of Baelor and everyone in it, including Margaery, her father, Loras Tyrell, the High Sparrow, and Lancel Lannister.
  • Tommen kills himself.
  • Arya kills Walder Frey and his two sons as payback for the Red Wedding.
  • Sam, Gilly and the baby arrive at the Citadel.
  • Melisandre is banished for causing Shireen’s death. Davos will kill her if he ever sees her again.
  • The Northern houses deem Jon “King in the North” and pledge to fight the WWs with him.
  • Daenerys breaks up with Daario and officially makes Tyrion the Hand of the Queen.
  • Bran’s vision confirms that L+R=J (Jon is Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s love child) and that while dying she gives baby Jon to Ned, making him promise to protect him. JON IS HALF TARGARYEN AND DAENERYS’ NEPHEW WHAAAAT.
  • Jaime returns to King’s Landing and is horrified. Cersei’s on the throne.
  • Daenerys, her dragons, and the Ironborn all sail back to Westeros.

So there you have it. Last season was a lot of death and sadness (I LOVE YOU HODOR!), but it also had a lot of huge wins for fans:  Jon Snow came back from the dead, Uncle Benjen came back halfway from the dead, the Hound is still alive, Ramsay died, Daenerys is finally going to conquer Westeros, Arya is finally getting a better plotline, and Cersei proved she is extremely badass.

I can’t wait to see what this next season has in store. My predictions? Jaime HAS to kill Cersei. His whole identity as “Kingslayer” came about from killing the Mad King because he threatened to do exactly what Cersei did, a wildfire massacre. Also, I’m really hoping for a white walker dragon. The whole series is called “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Don’t get much closer to that than a fire dragon battling an ice dragon.

Whatever happens, Execulink TV customers can enjoy a special free offering of HBO on Sunday night so they can watch the premiere at 9pm! Winter is here folks, and it’s gonna be a heck of a season!

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