How Fibre Internet Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

September 2, 2022 Category: Pop Culture

If you’re exploring high-speed Internet options for your business, Fibre Internet should be on your radar. Whether you want to keep your employees productive, customers happy, or your overall business running smoothly, the Internet you choose can make all the difference. In fact, the Internet you choose is business critical. It may be overwhelming shopping for an Internet connection that matches the needs of your business, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Fibre Internet.

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What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre Internet uses cables constructed of a glass or plastic core to deliver the Internet connection to your device. The Fibre optic cables convert electrical signals, which carry your data. This ultimately carries your data more efficiently and faster than copper cables. Fibre optic Internet is typically installed in two ways: the cables are buried underground or can be placed above the ground along telephone poles.

Now that you know what Fibre Internet is, here are six reasons why Fibre Internet can take your business to the next level:

Benefits of Fibre Optic Internet

High speed

An Internet connection often has different download speeds and upload speeds. Typically download speeds are faster than upload speeds. Yet, with Fibre Internet, you can still expect fast upload speeds that are much closer to the download speeds offered in your package. Since the technology has separate channels for uploading and downloading, Fibre Internet allows for simultaneous data flow, resulting in more symmetrical speeds. With steady high speeds up to 1 Gbps, you’ll be able to have confidence that your business will have the Internet connection it deserves.

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Less latency

Latency is the amount of time it takes for your Internet signal to travel. Since Fibre optic Internet has effective data travel capabilities, it offers a lower latency than other competing Internet options. With lower latency, your business will stay online, and your employees will avoid frustration.

Supports high bandwidth

If your business engages in high-bandwidth activities online, then Fibre Internet can easily support these needs. Bandwidth is the amount of information your Internet can transmit in a given amount of time. Consider if you or your employees transfer large files, have video conferencing calls, stream videos, or run powerful programs at the same time. If this is the case, Fibre Internet may be the right option for your business.

More reliable

When there is an Internet interruption for your business, it can lead to real costs. However, because Fibre Internet has cables running underground, it’s typically unaffected by harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and other elements. The only thing that can interfere with a Fibre cable is physically damaging it. It’s also dedicated Internet for your business, which means you don’t have to share your connection with neighbouring businesses, unlike cable Internet connections. This means your business will experience less downtime, and you can have peace of mind that you and your employees can continue important business activities online.


The nature of Fibre Internet means that the technology can be scaled easily. With small and light optical Fibres, the strands can be used across business locations because each strand has a large capacity to carry data. With flexible technology, you can think about how your business needs will grow and how your technology setup can grow alongside these needs.

Improved Experience

All the benefits that Fibre Internet offers can make for a better end-user experience for you and your employees. Imagine an Internet connection that can help your workforce power through their tasks with limited downtime. When you support your business with high-performing Internet, you’ll be able to retain your workforce and help them do a better job. Your employees will be happier and have a better experience working for your organization.

Should You Choose Fibre Internet For Your Business?

Deciding if your business should choose Fibre Internet comes down to your company’s needs and budget. If your business activities include things like video conferencing, regular uploads and downloads of large files, or relies on cloud-based software like VoIP that requires the internet to operate, then Fibre is your best option.

Providers like Execulink’s will work with you to secure an affordable Fibre Internet package no matter the size of your business.

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