How Hybrid Bonded Internet Can Help Your Business Level Up

June 27, 2022 Category: Business Services

In today’s ultra-connected world, it is more important than ever for businesses to stay on top of advancements in technology. Investing in high-quality technology for your business can give your customers a more user-friendly experience and keep them coming back for more. As a business owner, you might be wondering how you can optimize your Internet connection to get the most out of it and keep up with the market’s growing needs. While there are many options to choose from that may seem to fit the needs of your business, one of the options that you may not have heard of but should be considering is Hybrid Bonded Internet. Let’s demystify this type of Internet and learn more about how your business can benefit from it.

What is Hybrid Bonded Internet

Put simply; Hybrid Bonded Internet is when two or more Internet connections are joined through a single router. You can use any Internet connection for hybrid Internet, including DSL, Cable, Wireless, Fibre or even Mobile Data; in fact, almost all types of modern Internet can be bonded together! Sometimes Hybrid Bonded Internet is mistaken for load balancing; however, with load balancing, you’ll simply have a backup connection. On the other hand, Hybrid Bonded Internet allows you to maximize all connections. As a result, you have an advantage over your competitors because while they are settling for slower, patchy, more expensive Internet connections, you have the benefit of lightning-fast speeds, reliable connections, and affordable prices.


One of the main reasons why Hybrid Bonded Internet is superior is because it offers faster speeds. Since the connections of a Hybrid Bonded Internet run through a single router, it can deliver a more powerful Internet speed. For instance, a 500 MB Internet connection, when combined with a 1 GB Internet connection, can provide a 1.5 GB connection. It’s like multiplication of your existing bandwidth to give you high-speed Internet across your organization. Why settle for slow when you can have super-fast Internet speeds?

Competitive Advantage

A common mistake small businesses make is choosing an Internet connection that only fits their current size. Since many businesses rely on a high-performing Internet connection, ensuring you have a connection that can grow with your business is key. When you invest in Hybrid Bonded Internet, you can scale up to meet the needs of your business dynamically; keeping up with your network to accommodate changing bandwidth demands. Give your business a competitive advantage in the market by offering your growing employee base the support they need to do their daily tasks. Grow your business, enhance productivity, and maximize profit, all with the advantage of Hybrid Bonded Internet.


With Hybrid Bonded Internet, you have the ultimate flexibility. Since there are multiple connections, you can pick which ones you want to include. If you want to mix and match your service providers to fulfill each of your connections, it’s pretty simple to do that with this type of Internet. You can shop around, explore your options and determine which providers are giving you the best connection options that fit the needs of your business. This puts you in ultimate control of your Internet!


Although Hybrid Bonded Internet uses multiple connections fed through one router, you’ll simply have one managed Internet. This can give you a power-packed Internet without the complicated setup. With plenty on your plate already, having an Internet infrastructure capable of supporting your business while allowing you to focus on other business needs is key to keeping things running smoothly.

Remote Regions

Some businesses might be in a rural locations where a large Internet setup is difficult or impossible. If your business is located in a remote region, Hybrid Bonded Internet can be a way to have a high-performing Internet despite not being closer to larger urban city centers that offer more opportunities for technology. No longer does your remote area have to work around low speeds and unreliability – Hybrid Bonded Internet can help ensure your remotely located business can experience Internet with a wow factor.


Why settle for relying on one Internet connection to work when two is an option? With Hybrid Bonded Internet, if one of your connections has issues, but the other is working, you can rely on that other connection to keep your business up and running. Having less downtime is crucial if you want to keep your employees productive and your business profitable. Let us take care of your Internet connection so you can focus on what matters for your business.

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