Humans of Execulink: Ashley Bauman

January 25, 2024 Category: Humans of Execulink, Pop Culture

How long have you worked at Execulink and what are your daily activities?

I have worked at Execulink Telecom since 2017. In my role of Customer Care Manager, I have the pleasure of overseeing our team of customer care/support agents responsible for resolving customer concerns and technical issues. Working with the team, I create changes and efficiencies within our processes to ensure we continue to offer the awesome experience our customers deserve.

What are some of the common challenges you face in your role, and how do you overcome them?

As a Manager, there are a lot of different things that require my attention on a daily basis. Managing workload can be a challenge but I work through it by prioritizing and scheduling time throughout the day for specific work.  At Execulink, we have a variety of highly effective time management tools that help us stay organized and get everything complete on time so we can strike a positive work-life balance.

In what ways have you grown professionally since joining the company?

I have learned a substantial amount since joining the Execulink Telecom. I joined as a Customer Care Liaison, assisting customers with account inquiries or technical challenges. Through the support of the company, I had the opportunity to transition to a Supervisor, and then a Manager which allowed me to learn how to develop team members to support the our company’s Vision, Mission, and Values.

How do you foster a positive and collaborative team culture within the Customer Care department?

One of the biggest learning curves through our transition of working from home was how to maintain positive and collaborative team. Whether it’s through team chats or in person team meetings at the office where we bring treats to enjoy, we strive to always maintain positive team environment where we can share ideas through respectful communication.

Is there a specific morning ritual or routine that sets a positive tone for your day?

I like to start my day with a fun post in our Team Chats, whether it’s a joke or a fun “good morning” gif. It always leads to others posting something which allows us to continue building our positive team environment.

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Rapid Fire – This or That Questions!

  • Books or movies? Movies
  • Vacation or staycation? Vacation
  • Phone call or video call? Video Call
  • Hot coffee or iced coffee? Both- depends on the weather!
  • Handwritten or digital notes? handwritten
  • Clean or messy desktop? I would like to think of it as an organized chaos
  • Early bird or night owl? Early Bird
  • Android or iOS? iOS
  • Stay in or go out? Stay in
  • Candy or chips? Candy (chocolate)