Humans of Execulink: Candice Irvine

Candice Irvine has worked for Execulink for over 6 years and has learned a ton during that time!  We had a fantastic opportunity to learn about her perspective as a Marketing Coordinator – Graphic Designer. Candice’s involvement in many of our projects ensures we maintain our brand voice and perspective.  Her creativity and user experience focus shines through in all of her work.  Learn more about her role in this blog!  

Photo of Candice Irvine

1. How has your role changed over the 6 years that you’ve worked for Execulink? What has stayed the same?

I’d say in general my role has become more digital-focused. I do a ton more video work and website development now. That said I still develop the print stuff that people want to physically hold – sell sheets, channel guides, user guides, all that kind of stuff. As far as what’s changed, there’s always a new design to be tackled, a new skill to learn, a new medium to create for or a new service or project to wrap my head around. I love my job because of that – there’s always something exciting happening. I’m definitely NEVER bored.

2. What are some of your favourite blog posts or videos that you wrote or made?

Although I don’t write the blog posts anymore my favourite blog post I ever created will always be Super Mario Fan Theories. I often go back to that one and marvel over all the weird theories behind those games. That was a really fun one to research and write. My favourite video has got to be the commercial I made that we got to show at the Oxford Drive-In. Seeing something I made on such a huge screen was super exciting and mind blowing.

3. With so many projects on the go at all times, how do you stay organized?

For me it’s all about list-creation. I have a list of email tasks in my Outlook and our internal employee task-list on the intranet, but my main list is handwritten in my notebook which is always by my side throughout the work day. Those are the super important tasks that I can’t forget about. If one is starred or highlighted, you know it’s gotta be done ASAP. There is nothing more satisfying than taking my pen and ruler and making a crisp, flat line through a one of those tasks. Just fantastic.

4. What does delivering an awesome experience for customers mean to you?

I think about customer experience in terms of design and communication. For instance, how do you take something boring and complicated like a setup guide, and make it easy to follow for a non-technical person? How do you make a video about Internet hardware both informative and entertaining? How do you make a website a better overall experience for the average visitor? How do I tell the story of the values of our company in every design I make? For me, an awesome customer experience starts with the first ad, the first billboard they see, or the first visit to our website. In the back of my mind I’m constantly thinking about what this particular design or project or service means for the customer. And if I create whatever it is in a way that’s compelling, I think that adds to the overall experience of being with Execulink.

Execulink's Marketing team
Execulink Telecom's Marketing team having a video call in March 2020.

5. How would you describe the Marketing team at Execulink?

Oh just the worst group of people you’ve ever met. Hehe, just kidding. I absolutely love every single member of the Marketing team. I feel very grateful to be part of a team that gets along so well and feels like family. Collaboration is an everyday necessity for us, and we really do it well. We feed off each other’s ideas and feedback and none of us is afraid to lend a helping hand when one of us feels overwhelmed or confused about a project. I got lots of love for these fierce ladies.

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Candice’s willingness to take on new challenges and collaborate across departments makes her a valuable asset to Execulink. Her eye for design has been refined through her years of experience.  She keeps our designs user-friendly while also pushing Execulink forward with innovative thinking. Check out our careers page to see if there are any openings to join Candice and the marketing team!

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