Humans of Execulink: Jonathan Lindsay

April 17, 2024 Category: Business Services, Humans of Execulink

Introducing our Business Development Manager at Execulink – Jonathan Lindsay.

Jonathan is pivotal in driving our business sales and in the integration of new technologies to tackle complex challenges. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, he leads his team in enhancing operations and establishing industry benchmarks. Join us as we explore Jonathan’s effective use of technology in business, his impactful projects, and his forward-looking strategies.

1. What’s your role, and how do you use technology to solve business problems?
I’m the Business Development Manager for Execulink, responsible for all of our Business Sales team members and Business Sales Initiatives. I leverage technology in various ways to solve business challenges from automating my more repetitive workflow tasks to testing new technologies to address customer concerns. When customers or prospective buyers address technological pain points that affect their businesses, I strategize with stakeholders to identify solutions and ensure those solutions are products or services we would use ourselves first. If they aren’t good enough for us, they’re not good enough for our customers. I have a gamut of tech tools on my toolbelt to address problems that come our way, and I work with many awesome people who always put the customer first!

2. Can you share a recent project you worked on that had a significant impact on a business or operational efficiency?
There are a few projects on the go, but one very notable project that had a significant impact has been our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution. This voice product has a few moving parts that need to work carefully with Microsoft and with Execulink’s robust voice network but we felt was an essential offering as there has been a very big question mark around what is the next globally adopted voice system to use since many PBX systems are end-of-life. Microsoft has proven to be the biggest leader in this space, and being able to offer our incredible PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to their outstanding Teams Soft Client was a no-brainer. We’ve had some early success with this solution, but more recently decided to fully productize it to reach our many business customers. The reception has been fantastic! We have a few other very interesting projects in the works so stay tuned!

3. How do you stay informed about new technologies that can benefit our clients?
My subscription to “Medium” has been the best $5/mo I’ve spent since Dollar Shave Club! I read many current articles written by Subject Matter Experts each week on topics that are relevant to me and keep me informed of new changes or product developments. Our wonderful Product Specialist also keeps me informed of changes in the competitive landscape we need to adapt to. The best way though is through networking with our customers directly which is why my team and I are constantly connecting at local Chamber and Business After 5 events.

4. What tech innovation do you find most exciting for businesses?
Generative AI is the current wave of innovation we will see dramatically improve and change the landscape. Coupled with Machine Learning, Cognitive Search functionalities, and automation allow customers to 5x their productivity and spend more time exploring product and service development opportunities that need that human creativity to thrive. I am incredibly excited to see what amazing things our customers do with the technology and I hope Execulink can lead by example in this area in the future.

5. In your view, how will emerging technologies reshape our industry or client businesses in the next few years?
We are in a very unique time where content and output are being artificially “created” but what will reshape our industry will be how we adjust, adapt, and leverage our time curating information and packaging this output. Our clients are in an excellent position to take advantage of these technologies with a cautiously optimistic approach – AI, Automation, and Generative Content are excellent tools, but they aren’t replacements for people. Many products are finding ways to fit AI into their core functions and it will be really fun to see how our customers use this technology to their advantage!

6. Based on your experience, what’s the best strategy for businesses to integrate new technology into their operations?
Iterate! Try it out and see how it works for them. Technology doesn’t become popular because it doesn’t work – there’s typically a return on investment that propels these products and services, but every business is different and it can take time to see the value. I love participating in product demonstrations and trials, and watching presentations because the knowledge and informational experience are often worth the time invested alone. Over time you can make your own decision if it works for you and your business. Chat with one of our Business Sales Agents on any of the solutions we offer and we can demonstrate the value to you at your own pace to see if it’s a fit for you.