Humans of Execulink: Mallorie Zavitz

This month we had the awesome opportunity to learn more about our Inventory department by interviewing Mallorie Zavitz! She is an integral part of our Inventory team in Thedford which keeps our business operations running smoothly.  She organizes our hardware to deliver it to our customers. As part of Execulink’s team for 14 years, she has grown and changed with the company and the services we provide!

Have you always been on the Inventory team?

I’ve changed from different positions including Sales and the front desk but, most of my years I have worked in Inventory.  I am happy I had the chance to explore other departments in those roles.  This has given me a better understanding of the business as a whole, providing additional context for the work I do now.

How would you describe your role and what do you like about it?

I’m in charge of the equipment – testing, packing, stocking. I like the opportunity to work with the hardware on the test bench and solve problems to ensure its functioning correctly for our customers.  I like having the chance to work independently but, also within our Inventory team which is very supportive and collaborative. I love it, it’s the best position for me.

What piece of advice would you give to a new hire at Execulink either inside or outside of your department?

The advice I would give a new employee is to get ready to learn a lot of new things, and about a lot different pieces of hardware and what they do. When you first start working with this technology all the terminology can be confusing but, as you grow accustomed to the work it becomes second nature!  Using our internal database system or asking a team member for more information about hardware will help you learn what is used for our different service types.  

What does providing an awesome customer experience mean for you?

Providing an awesome customer experience is getting the equipment out for delivery ASAP meaning shipping equipment within 24 hrs.  A fast shipment lets customers know we are reliable and they can count on us to supply them with hardware on time.  Hardware is essential to our services so I ensure it is packed and shipped properly. It’s top priority!

What does your daily work routine look like?

I usually get in to work, log into the computer, stock shelves, add equipment to the test bench, repackage and clean it.  I make sure that the store fronts and technicians have their hardware for the jobs. Before I leave I break down cardboard and make sure everything is neat and tidy and ready for the next day.

We appreciate everything that Mallorie does for Execulink Telecom. With 14 years of experience, she is extremely knowledgeable and an awesome team player. If you’re interested in joining the Execulink team check out our careers page to see our open opportunities.

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