Humans of Execulink: Stephanie Gould

Stephanie Gould is a member of Execulink Telecom’s Growth Sales Team. She has been in her role for almost 5 years and received one of Execulink’s Sales Excellence Awards for 2020. We had the exciting opportunity to learn more about her and her role!

How would you describe your daily work?

My daily schedule is busy with incoming calls, live chats, and emails. When I have down time, I review customer accounts and look for any upgrades available to their current packages to ensure they get an awesome experience that best suits their needs!

What has your experience been like working from home since COVID-19 began?

Working from home has been an awesome experience so far. I used to commute 45 minutes to the office, so it has been nice to have that extra time back during the day. I do miss my coworkers in office, but I love being home with my four furry coworkers. They tend to nap on the job a lot and purr during my calls, but they are great company… Home also has an endless amount of snacks, so who can complain about that!

What tips would you provide to a new hire in your department?

Two things:

  1. If you have questions, ask… always…
  2. Stay motivated and you will succeed!

What is one professional skill you are currently working on?

I am working on improving my dual interaction capabilities. Mostly this means responding to more inquiries that come in through our chat system on the website. I want to ensure all of our customers, no matter how they choose to contact us, get the awesome experience they deserve!

What is your favorite sport to watch and which team do you root for?

I love baseball! I have been playing myself for the past 20+ years! I am hoping to get on the field next year to resume playing as the situation with COVID-19 improves.  I always root for our Toronto Blue Jays!

Rapid Fire – This or That Questions!

Stephanie works hard to build relationships with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with Execulink’s services.  She is an extremely valuable part of our team!  Check out our careers page to see if there are any opportunities open on the Sales team where you could have a chance to work with Stephanie too!

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