Why Hybrid Bonded Internet Could be Your Ultimate Business Solution

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Successful emergent innovations in the digital business landscape have become a daily occurrence. The “Internet of Things” is swiftly becoming the new milestone for growth, sustainability and success for businesses – with uptime, bandwidth and quality of service playing an essential role for prosperity and profit.  

Whether your business needs consistent uptime, better quality bandwidth or confidence in your overnight backup, Hybrid Bonding is where Execulink can make those needs a reality!

How Execulink Hybrid Bonding Works

Hybrid Bonding utilizes services such as DSL, Cable, Wireless, Fibre or even Mobile Data and bonds multiple lines into a single managed access.  Whether it’s Fibre with cable, multiple DSL lines or a combination of all of the above; the bonding hardware brings together these services to provide a high quality, single-IP, redundant solution for your business.

Hybrid Bonding for your Business

Whether you crave more bandwidth, need redundancy or want to manage your quality of service, Execulink Hybrid Bonding has you covered!

Speed Limits Ignored

The dream to have Fibre to every doorstep is yet to be realized and your business might be limited to low bandwidth or inconsistent backup. No matter what Internet access options are available, Execulink Hybrid Bonded Internet will bring connections together resulting in a multiplication of your existing bandwidth.

Advanced features like Per Packet Load Balancing accelerates your access by using intelligent packet level distribution to ensure your applications are not reliant on the uptime of a single connection.

Downtime got you…down?

Combine different connections and service providers to give your office the redundancy it needs.

Hybrid Bonded Internet gives you the power to mix-and-match service providers to create a resilient, fully-dependable, single-IP network.  If one service goes down, no wait-time for failover is required as the bonded appliance dynamically manages your data over working connections as you continue on with business as usual.

You’ll never miss that overnight backup again – plus since no system reconfiguration is required to accommodate single service outages, productivity in the office will remain consistent.

Priorities First

The Hybrid Bonder QoS model is completely customizable to meet the needs of your business dynamically; keeping up with your network to accommodate changing bandwidth demands.

Make sure every call on your digital voice system, critical application, or data dump has a freeway when you need it.

Execulink Hybrid Bonding has already found a niche for use in clothing stores, car dealerships, and industrial environments and is right for any business looking for reliable, consistent, and managed service that fits your needs.

For more information or to see more benefits of Execulink Hybrid Bonded Internet visit our website or talk to your Business Development Specialist at 1-877-393-2854.

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