Keeping Your Phone Number When Switching to Execulink Mobility

April 23, 2024 Category: Residential Services

Today, almost everyone has a phone and the phone number associated with your device plays a vital role in our identity and communication. Whether for personal or professional reasons, having a consistent phone number is essential to stay connected. But the fear of losing your number can deter many from switching carriers. The good news? Execulink makes this easy with free number porting, making switching carriers while keeping your phone number seamless and stress-free!

Understanding Number Portability

Number portability is a regulatory requirement that allows customers to keep their phone numbers when changing from one service provider to another. This means you can switch from your current carrier to Execulink without having to notify all your contacts about a new number or update your information across various platforms. Convenient right?!

What are the Benefits of Keeping Your Phone Number?

Consistency: Your phone number is associated with your identity, and keeping it ensures consistency across your personal and professional contacts.

Convenience: You don’t have to go through the hassle of informing everyone about a new number or updating your contact information in various apps and services.

Cost Savings: Switching to Execulink Mobility allows you to choose from a variety of budget-friendly plans tailored to your specific needs, plus we will port your number free of charge!

Avoiding Disruption: Changing your phone number can lead to disruptions in communication, missed calls, and confusion, which can be avoided by keeping your existing number.

How to Keep Your Phone Number When Switching to Execulink

Gather Necessary Information: To initiate the porting process smoothly, gather essential details such as your current account details, account number, and the name shown on your invoices.

Verification: We will verify if your phone number is eligible for porting to Execulink.

Initiate the Porting Process: Once you’ve selected your new Execulink Mobility package, we’ll submit a request to your current provider to release your current phone number. Upon submission, you’ll receive a text message from your current provider requesting authorization to release the number to Execulink (this text message expires within 90 minutes of receipt).

Verify Completion: After initiating the porting process and receiving your authorization, we’ll send you an email confirming the details, including the time and instructions to install your new SIM card and set up your device on our network.

Switching to Mobility from Execulink no longer means saying goodbye to your familiar phone number. You now have the freedom to choose from a range of awesome plans and services without the inconvenience of changing your contact information! Check out Execulink’s flexible and affordable Mobility plans today and make the switch!