Technology to support 24/7 service

June 17, 2022 Category: Business Services

No longer are the days of a traditional 9 to 5 work week. Customers have been empowered to get what they want, when they want, and how they want it, turning businesses into a 24/7 operation, providing access to their services around the clock.

The increased presence of technology like mobile devices, apps, machine learning, automation, and more have created a growing impact of instant gratification among consumers. From products to services, and customer support; consumers expect it all and want it now.

Instant gratification is not new, however, the definition of instant has become to mean “now” or within seconds. The consumer’s need for convenience and immediacy puts major pressure on companies to remain accessible and on-demand at all times. Luckily, with the digital technology available today, it’s easier than ever to do this.

How can your organization adapt to this 24/7 operation and ensure it satisfies the instant-gratification demands of consumers?

There are various customer service technologies that businesses are implementing that include a range of software and hardware solutions that cater to consumer demand and improve the customer experience.

Chatbots – AI Chatbots are typically active 24/7 to help customers get an instant response to common questions from any page on your website or app. The instant problem-solving assistance boosts customer engagement and satisfaction.

In fact, 35% of consumers want more companies to use chatbots to improve their communication strategy and deliver a better experience.

Live chat – enables agents to solve customer issues in real-time through back-and-forth conversations on a company’s website or mobile app. With Live chat embedded on a company’s website or mobile app, the customers do not need to search for a special contact page for support. This accessibility reduces the customer effort, which in turn will help to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Video chat – like live chat it enables agents to solve customer issues in real-time and get their queries solved quickly, but does this with face-to-face interactions. This makes the engagement more interactive and personalized for a better customer experience.

Phone support – The Telephone remains one of the most relied upon methods of communication, especially for high-stakes issues. Customers still use the Phone to call your business because it’s convenient, reliable, and provides the instant gratification they demand. Historically, companies provided 24/7 customer support from call centers, but with technologies like VoIP and automation, it has quickly become a thing of the past.

VoIP systems offer more versatility and flexibility than other types of business phone systems due to the feature-rich system and because calls are handled over the Internet. You can customize your call flow based on your business’s specific needs, replicate a dynamic office environment from your mobile device, and take calls if you’re out of the office.

The flexibility is probably one of the main reasons businesses choose VoIP because you are not tied to your desk like you are with a landline. It gives you the ability to make calls from internet-connected devices, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones, allowing you to take your business with you, anywhere and anytime, enabling around-the-clock service.

Knowledge base/Self-service customer portal – With a knowledge base, support teams can empower customers to self-serve at their convenience. It’s also a more cost-efficient way to support your customers, specifically if they include self-service options such as our MyExeculink customer portal, a support section on your website, or a company support app like Execulink Helps.

In order to keep up with today’s hyper-connected society and the consumer’s need for convenience and immediacy, your business must continue to embrace technology. Companies that can offer immediacy, and 24/7 accessibility to their customers will gain a competitive advantage and succeed in the future.

In today’s digital era, telecom services are critical for business success and continuity. Execulink can help you build the proper network infrastructure for your business to support new digital technologies so your business remains competitive and positioned for growth.

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