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The Benefits of Execulink’s Private-WAN

October 7, 2021 Category: Business Services

As today’s digital landscape advances and multi-site organizations adopt new technologies at a rapid pace, their legacy network systems just can’t keep up with the increasing evolutionary demand. Traditional networking solutions do not deliver the performance, flexibility, security, and cost profile that businesses need as they expand to multi-site organizations and migrate to cloud and managed services. Common drawbacks are ISP outages, poor bandwidth, lack of QoS, and lack of visibility to network conditions which all affect employee productivity and customer experiences.

What is Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)?

A Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) uses a dedicated connection that prioritizes private internet traffic and data between multiple locations with a secure path for the exchange of information, delivery of services, and applications without risking security and reliability.

Execulink Private-WAN

Execulink Private-WAN is a high-quality, high-performance, and fully managed private network solution. Execulink Private-WAN enables businesses to quickly deploy and connect new networks or expand existing networks with the uptime, reliability, and flexibility they need as their organization expands and migrates to cloud and managed services regardless of their site locations.

Execulink Private-WAN combines any existing carrier circuits into a single over-the-top virtual network that delivers a better application performance and voice quality, plus faster download and upload speeds, so businesses can provide a better employee and customer experience.

Features and Benefits

Benefits of Execulink Private-WAN

Bandwidth Adaptation

  • Bandwidth Adaptation gives businesses better application performance and voice quality, allowing them to provide quality service to their customers

Bandwidth & Link Aggregation

  • Increase bandwidth – Enough for all your Cloud and business critical applications.
  • Works with any connection type – Get the aggregate bandwidth of all connections – no matter which type or providers you use: dsls, Cable, Fiber, Fixed-Wireless, 4G, LTE, T1, etc.
  • Data acceleration – Additional on-demand performance enhancements can be achieved by applying data acceleration to compressible data travelling over the bond.
  • Scalability – Adaptively increase network bandwidth by layering on additional lines, so the network scales to meet your business needs when necessary, at a price you can afford.

Monitoring and Management

Proactive reporting of real-time network issues:

  • Jitter
  • Latency
  • Packet-loss
  • Bandwidth fluctuation
  • Connection state changes
  • Throughput/usage


  • Solve network headaches that impede your Business to get the most out of your network. Real-time traffic and WAN health are configured to align with your business policies.

Return on investment

  • Cost-effective solutions designed to optimize IT investments.

Peace of mind

  • Get alerted to issues before they become a problem.


  • Secure portal for viewing and managing your entire Wide Area Network (WAN).

Quality of service (QoS)


  • Assign unlimited priority layers inside the connection to ensure consistent delivery of important VoIP and other real-time application data.

Expandable class priority

  • Allows for bursts in use of prioritized applications to manage the flow of traffic between sites.

QoS elasticity

  • As your business’s dependence on IP or hosted voice and video applications increases, so does the need for those calls to be crisp and clean. Get the peace of mind that packets will make the trip free of any disturbances.

Reliability & Failover

Network redundancy

  • Providing a failsafe for when an internet connection suddenly degrades or drops. Your data continues to flow through the remaining healthy links.

Simple no-touch

  • No need to reconfigure network settings. You could be on a VoIP or video call when a link degrades or dies and you won’t even notice.

Same –IP failover

  • Each appliance maintains its own IP address in the event of a failover. No more DNS round-robin time delays



  • Monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic to identify overall network capacity and enforce entry/exit rules associated with applications.

Traffic distribution

  • Packets are distributed across multiple circuits, networks and even transmission media making physical intercepts like “man-in-the-middle” much less likely to be successful.
  • Encrypt communications to ensure privacy and security end-to-end with a choice of two industry-standard algorithms:
  • AES 128
  • AES 256
  • Each circuit in a Private-WAN tunnel has its own encryption session. Sessions renegotiate their security keys hourly by default.

Execulink’s full suite of business and networking solutions will help you drive productivity, increase efficiencies and keep your employees and co-workers connected no matter where they are. Call us at 1-877-561-6771 or visit our Private-WAN page to learn how you can connect your business and branches to your customers today.

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