The Countdown is on with Google’s Santa Tracker at your Side!

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The Google Santa Tracker is a Christmas themed website which features online interactive Holiday activities and games. The site doubles as an advent calendar and even includes a tracker for Santa!  Once December 24th hits, you are able to track Santa’s movements around the world and count down how many days, hours, and minutes until he takes off!  

The Google Assistant is integrated to the Santa tracker as well.  You can ask your Google assistant “What’s new at the North Pole?” and you will get fun updates from “Dimplesticks the Elf”. You can also call Santa from your Google Assistant and hear him rehearsing for a musical concert!

There are new activities unlocked throughout the month of December.  Don’t worry, you can play the previous days’ activities in case you get addicted to some of the fun puzzles! Play games that teach different Christmas traditions from around the world.  A few of the activities already released include Code Boogie, Santa’s Canvas, Snowbox, Elf Maker, and Santa Selfie.

In these activities you are able to make teach an elf to dance with code, draw your own picture on Santa’s canvas, build a virtual snowman, and give Santa a makeover.  Other games include: Elf Jetpack, Santa Search, Gumball Tilt and more!

Once you reach the 24th of December you are able to view the Santa Tracker. This allows you to follow Santa’s journey throughout the night. You can track which city he is visiting as he moves across different time zones around the world. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what activity will be released next!

Check out Santa Tracker here!

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