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Additional Settings

To access the Additional Settings menu, press 6 from the Mailbox Settings menu.

The Additional Settings menu contains a number of options you can use to:

  • change the attendant/operator number
  • choose whether to hear marketing announcements

Attendant/Operator Number

You can set up a number to which callers can divert to instead of leaving a voicemail message. This number is known as the attendant number and might be the number of your reception desk, or office administrator. The caller can press 0 to transfer to the attendant number during the playing of the voicemail greeting.

For security purposes, this number cannot be assigned via this interface and requires Execulink to set this up for you. Please contact the Execulink Account Support department should you wish you implement this feature or change the currently assigned Attendant Number.

Broadcast Settings

Broadcasts are announcements that are played when you enter your account. There are two types of
broadcast: administrative and marketing.

  • Administrative broadcasts are used to inform you of service-related matters. This might include an announcement of new features, or a warning of reduced service due to maintenance.
  • Marketing broadcasts are to advise you of products and services which may be of interest to you. They will include a contact number so you can reach the advertiser directly.

You can choose whether or not you receive marketing broadcasts. You cannot opt out of receiving
administrative broadcasts.

Activating and deactivating marketing broadcasts

To activate or deactivate whether you receive marketing broadcasts, press 4 in the Additional Settings
menu. You will hear an announcement stating whether or not your account is set to receive marketing

  • To change whether or not you receive marketing broadcasts, press 1.
  • To leave the setting as currently announced, press *.