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Checking Your Voicemail Messages

Accessing your Mailbox:

You may sign into the voicemail system by dialing *98 on your home phone. Access is also available by calling your phone number from any outside line. From the voicemail greeting, press ‘*’ to log into your account. Please note that you must always enter your PIN when accessing the system this way, even if you have enabled PIN skipping.

If your mailbox is full or almost full, the system will warn you. To keep your service working properly, please delete old messages.

To begin reviewing your messages, press ‘1’ from the Main Menu.

Message Management:

*To replay a message, press ‘1’.

*To save a message and go to the next one, press ‘2’.

*To erase a message, press ‘3’. If you change your mind, you can recover deleted messages by pressing ‘6’ from the Main Menu.

*To reply to a message, press ‘4’.

*To return to the previous message, press ‘*’.

*To skip a message, press #.

To hear details of the date and time of the message, and the caller’s name or number, press ’66’.

To go back to the Main menu, press ‘*’.

Problems Logging In

The voicemail system will lock you out if you enter a bad password several times. If this happens, please call technical support.