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First Time Sign In

To access your mailbox, dial *98 from any phone in your home. You can configure your voicemail service in three easy steps:

1. Create your PIN

*Enter a PIN then press ‘#’ when finished.

*Re-enter the PIN to confirm your entry and press ‘#’ when finished.

2. Record your name

*Please make your recording less than ten seconds long.

*Record your name and press ‘#’ when finished.

*The system will play your recording back to you. Press ‘1’ to try again, or ‘#’ to keep the recording.

3. Choose or record a greeting

Once you have successfully recorded your name, the system will prompt you to select a greeting from several options:

*Personal Greetings:

Press ‘1’ to record a personal greeting, then ‘#’ when finished.

*System-Generated Greetings:

Press ‘2’ to announce your recorded name

Press ‘3’ to announce your phone number

Press ‘4’ to announce neither your name nor your phone number. A generic message will advise callers you are not available.

To record or select a different greeting, press ‘1’.

To confirm your selection as the preferred greeting, press ‘#’.