Relocating Your Internet & Phone When Moving: A Handy Checklist

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Summer is a great time to find and move into the new house of your dreams!  Making the move is both exciting and daunting. Of the millions of things to think about before moving, your Phone and Internet services are top priorities to consider. With that in mind, we have put together a checklist of ways to prepare your Execulink services for the big move.

Before Moving:

– Verify your new home is serviceable with working phone jacks and/or Cable access and if not, be sure to discuss inside wiring with your provider or with an electrician.

– Contact us approximately 3 weeks before moving and provide correct and full address details including unit/apt number and the postal code.

– Verify service availability at the new address.  If there is existing service at the new home location, we can potentially activate your service within 24-48 business hours.  If service has never existed at your new location, we require 5-15 business days to schedule a technician.

–  If moving out of city, make sure a new phone number has been provided by your previous phone supplier, if applicable. If we are providing the phone, we will give you your new phone number when you call.


During the Move:

– Make sure all equipment is accounted for (modems, power cords, etc.).

– Ensure someone over the age of 18 can be at the new address for the install (if access is required).

– Ensure you have provided us with an active cell phone number and an active email address for contact purposes. Having a backup cell and active email address for contact purposes is important to ensure that we can contact you if necessary.


After Moving:

– Return any unneeded equipment (if applicable) to one of our Execulink office locations in Woodstock, Thedford, Delhi or Port Dover!


We know it won’t eliminate your stress entirely, but hopefully this list will at least help keep you organized.  Check out our support article on moving here to learn more.  Best of luck with your move!

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